WE SELL PARTS (And You Should Too)

We specialize in online sales on platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Bonanza, Shopify and more. We focus on convoluted industries with a high barrier to entry because they provide us with very little competition and extremely high profit margins.

We specialize in selling parts of all kinds including those from cars, boats, electronics, lawn equipment, go karts, tractors, ATV's cell phones, computers, specialized equipment and more.

There are several reasons we focus on these industries as explained below.

  1. Experience - Our team includes mechanics and technicians who know the industry.
  2. No Universal Standards - Unlike nearly all other retail items most parts do not have UPC codes and those that do are not widely known. Because of this platforms such as eBay, Google Shopping and others do not require UPC's to be entered and their catalog systems do not rely on them. We understand the system we are able to gain far more exposure than our competitors on the very same items. This allows for higher selling prices, faster sell-through and provides us with thousands of retail arbitrage opportunities since one item isn't linked to every other item of it's kind. An item we sell for $100 might be available elsewhere for $50 but ours is found first.
  3. Keyword Availability - There are literally millions of parts related keywords that are underutilized by competitors. For instance, one part number might replace 50 others and fit on 3000 different models of electronics. Each of these numbers is a potential source of traffic and because there are so many sellers typically only include a fraction of them in ways that matter.
  4. Industry Secrets - Since this industry is so complex the handful of companies that have figured it out closely guard the data that they have available. Cross reference information is often inaccurate, some part numbers pull up both newer and older items that are not interchangeable, etc.
  5. Low Competition - Due to the issues outlined above there are very few competitors in this space even though it is a multi billion dollar industry. Further, because these items are often large and only sell when needed they can require a lot of storage. We have a flex arrangement with our landlord with up to 150,000 square feet of extra space available as needed. 
  6. Profit Margins - We sell both new and used parts with used being the most profitable by far. We buy complete non working items in bulk, test them and remove the parts that can be sold. Doing so allows us to see markups as high as 2000% on some units. We own our own trucking company so we are able to source these items from all over the United States and there is a virtually limitless supply available. 

These are a few of the reasons we sell parts and why you should too. It is a highly profitable, convoluted industry with low competition that we fully understand. Please take a look at the products and services we offer here, ask questions and find the package that is right for you.