RecCoin - Daily Payouts For LifeRecCoins are your ticket to free daily payouts for life. RecCoin is a Waves Platform token and bonus payouts are sent daily in WAVES which can be traded for BTC, LTC or more on the internal exchange.

You can learn more about RecCoins at
Welcome to the RecCoin ICO, where 100% of the available tokens will be distributed for free as explained on the RecCoin website. Each day you will earn a share of our daily bonus payout based on the number of RecCoins you hold which can be verified here.

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Complete a bounty listed on our bounty page for more free coins.

Join our referral program and get 50 RecCoins for each friend you refer. This is in addition to a rewarding structure that pays 10% of any purchase on this website and a percentage of all money your referrals earn from their contracts.

Purchase your own IRL mining contract. With our one of a kind mining contracts you will get paid daily in your cryptocurrency of choice and receive a daily bonus for each RecCoin that you hold. With the current bonus you will receive 1 free RecCoin for each 0.025 USD spent.