What Is IRL Mining?

IRL Mining or 'In Real Life Mining' is our novel approach at helping our customers grow their cryptocurrency holdings. Instead of hash rate and hardware those who purchase an IRL mining contract are investing in real, valuable inventory that we acquire, process, research, store, list, sell and ship on their behalf. Profit is paid daily using your currency of choice.

Why Use IRL Mining?

With increasing difficulties, added competition and a smaller pool of available coins, cloud mining has become far less effective with many users reporting that it is now unprofitable.

Because we work outside of this system completely we are unaffected by these issues. We offer our customers more reliable returns, faster profitability and we guarantee results.

How We Make Money

We buy items in bulk just prior to their disposal and remove any functioning parts before recycling the rest. We call this mining in real life and it will make you money.

This business model allows us to acquire inventory worth many multiples of its cost. For example, a $5,000 bulk purchase yields up to $50,000 in total inventory after processing.

Click here for a thorough explanation of what we sell and why it is so profitable.

How You Make Money

When you order a 'mining contract' from us you are in actuality purchasing a bundle of profitable products and services packaged into a simple, hands free solution for you.

To summarize, we list items for sale on your behalf using sites like eBay and Amazon, ship them to customers when sold and send you the profit. Click here for a detailed explanation.