Guaranteed Coin Recovery - Complete Details

This page contains details on our Guaranteed Coin Recovery product.

This package combines several of our profitable products and services into a simplified solution. To learn about the types of items we reference on this page please read this first.

To accommodate customers from around the world who might not be able to do business in the United States where our products are sold we have arranged for a third party listing agent to sell these items on your behalf. When sold they are shipped by our fulfillment center and we handle all returns. This means that anyone can participate.

Also, because some of our cryptocurrency customers can't afford a large inventory purchase we also focus on research and listing services for items that we can ship directly from our suppliers. Since you are only paying for the research and listing of items we can provide far more items to be sold on your behalf.

What You Get

When you purchase this product your coins are converted to USD and you receive the following:

  1. 80% of the amount you spend is used to purchase items that we have on hand and ship directly from our fulfillment center. These items sell faster overall and help you start earning money as soon as the next day.
  2. 20% of the amount you spend is used to research items that can be listed with good placement at the top of eBay and Google search results.
  3. Addition listings on other platforms may be added by us at no additional cost.
  4. Our guarantees.
  5. Bonus payments as described below.
  6. Full transparency. You can track every item that is for sale and when it has sold to verify correct payment amounts.


You will be paid 10% of the sale price for every item sold on your behalf. If you want to list and ship orders yourself to make more money please contact us to arrange. The remaining profit will be used to pay the listing agent and fulfillment fees. As part of our fulfillment service we pay for all returns and refunds. 

Bonus Payments

All sales are tracked through our unique affiliate program and you will be provided with an account to track sales and earnings. We also pay a daily bonus to all affiliates based on sales of our entire business so you will earn money every single day even if no sales were made by you directly.


With this package we guarantee that we will work with you until you have made a profit of 20 times the USD value of your initial purchase. We also guarantee that you will have recovered your initial purchase price in USD within 90 days or you will be given the option for a full refund less the amount of USD profit you have already received.